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Forest W.

Forest W.

Hello, I'm your friendly neighborhood recluse/programmer! I also handle the business end of things at InnerSloth.

When I'm not programming (basically always), I really enjoy bouldering.

I don't post much on the internet, but I'm always open to questions about what we're doing and how it's done.

Email: forest(at)innersloth(dot)com

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Marcus B

Marcus B.

Hello! I'm an artist, animator and game designer here at InnerSloth.

You might know me as Puffballs United, the creator of Henry Stickmin Series! I worked on Among Us and recently finished the Henry Stickmin Collection. I also worked on Dig2China, and misc cancelled games ;)

I've been wanting to make games since I was 8. Technology grew to the point that it was actually possible for me and not just a dream.

I play a lot of games on the side.

Email: marcus(at)innersloth(dot)com

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Amy L

Amy L.

Heyo there! I'm the other artist here at InnerSloth. Also general task-doer for whatever else needs done!

I worked on Among Us, and am currently working on developing merchandise and future Innersloth games!

In my free time I enjoy photography, more drawing, taking naps, and hanging out with friends.

Email: amy(at)innersloth(dot)com


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